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Everyday Hot - Boujilash™

Everyday Hot - Boujilash™

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Super practical Magnetic Lashes™ for a natural style that gives you beautiful and long eyelashes with extension look!

Ditch the glue, mascara, and magnetic eyeliner. With ten magnets embedded in our lashes, they “sandwich” your natural ones. It’s the fake lashes for everyone who's allergic to chemicals, doesn't want to spend a lot of time on their makeup, or just doesn't like the idea of pore-clogging glue on their skin.


  • Apply Mascara
  • Place the top lash on top of your natural lashes (be sure both lashes have their magnets facing each other)
  • Bring the bottom lash close to the bottom of your natural lashes so that the two lashes can attract each other

Product includes:
1 pair x Everyday Hot Lashes™ (does not include applicator)