The Bouji Brand – Boujilash

The Bouji Brand

If it's a LASH with CLASS then it has to be Bouji Lash! 

Our missionGLAM without the GOOP! 
Fast, flawless lashes that give you the perfect lift in just one click! 
So WHY Bouji?
It's the magnet lash with out the clash. 
Our lashes are cleverly designed with you in mind! 
No glue, no magnetic liner or mascara REQUIRED! 
Our high quality design gives provides you with magnetic lashes that click together creating a flawless look for every occasion. 
The BEST part? 
Our effortless lashes are just the beginning. 
You can count on us to be your industry leaders in all things beauty and Bouji! 
Until next time.... 
Stay Bouji Bae's 
Your Bouji Lash 'Ohana